PSI – Pre-Shipment Inspection

Beijing Veritell, quality assurance from Order to Shipment

Pre-Shipment Inspections are a most effective inspection that confirms the whole shipment’s quality level. It normally requires the production to be 100% complete and at least 80% of goods to be packed into cartons. The checked samples are randomly selected according to AQL standard. Each product is different and has a wide variety of defects that can occur. Our inspections are performed using specific criteria based on each product’s style, function, specifications and other important information.

The below sections and points are covers in a PSI Inspection.

· Quantity

· Packing

· Workmanship

· Marking & Labeling

· On-Site Tests

· Client Special Requirement

· Product Specification

(if necessary, we could on-site check metal material grade with Portable Analyzer/XRF gun)

Our professional inspections and detailed/clear report formats will give you all the information that you need to make a final shipping decision.   Please download sample report from Here.

At present, we are providing inspection services as below:

The Beijing Veritell Benefits

Why Beijing Veritell Inspection

  • All-inclusive pricing
  • An inspector onsite within 24 hours
  • Reporting within 24 hours
  • Make Payment after received report

Your Quality Experts in China – We are an independent one-stop quality control services provider, certified and licensed quality control company, working on your side to protect your business interests in the supply chain.

Manage Your QC Process by E-mail – No need to create your account online, schedule your Inspections online, make payment arrangements, and receive your detailed Inspection report electronically.

Professional Services in whole process – VICC providing professional QC services from beginning to end of production. VICC utilizes the strictest international standards ensuring product safety and regulatory requirements are met.

Quick Response and Flexibility – We guarantee to be at any factory in China within 24 hours. Clients are allowed to modify or cancel orders up until 3 pm (China time) the day before the scheduled inspection.

Networks cover all over China & Asia – With 30 branch offices cover all over China and Asia 18 countries.

Comprehensive Inspection Reports – Tell you all the details,  every report includes detailed pictures; you see what the inspector sees.