Technical Inspection/ Third Party Supervision / FAT

VICC – quality assurance from Order to Shipment

For the important or time sensitive productions, such as Oil & Gas equipment/Production line/Ship/Train/Engineering vehicle/Special equipment,Beijing Veritell’s inspector can set up a team and stay at the factory throughout the production
for weeks or months. While onsite our inspector will constantly supervision/monitor the production,technical inspection & FAT inspection,confirm schedule, supervise
the factory’s internal quality control, conformity inspection, conduct random inspections of raw materials,semi-finished and
finished products and send a detailed report to you every day.

The below sections and points are covered during Third Party Supervision/Production Supervision/ FAT.

· Quantity · Client Special Requirement
· Welding/Workmanship · Qualified Welding Inspector/NDT inspector Constant observation
· On-Site Tests / Factory Acceptance Test / FAT serivce · Semi-finished product check
· Product Specification · Raw materials check
· Packing · Production schedule
· Marking & Labeling · Daily Reports
· Expediting · Shipment Loading Supervision

VICC Resident Inspection Services, VICC offers manufacturing & construction inspection / resident engineering inspection services to ensure that our clients’ projects are fully compliant with design. Our RI experience includes machines and equipments,buildings and other project types. We match our staff with project type and client needs, developing an enviable reputation for responsiveness, diversity, and flexibility. We augment resources as needed to serve “on call” or requirements-type contracts. Our team is thoroughly trained to be proficient and proactive in maintaining safety and quality at manufacturing sites, resolving disputes, and following guidelines to minimize impact during manufacturing.

  • Daily Inspection Services
  • Technical Inspection Services
  • Reporting and Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Constructability/Production ability Review
  • Coordination with Contractors and Vendors
  • Traffic Control Coordination
  • Drawings Review
  • Claim Management
  • Punch List
  • Project Close-Out
  • Schedule Monitoring
  • Community Liaison and Communication

For more details on your specific Production Monitoring needs, please contact us (
We will happily provide detailed inspection methods for all of your special quality control need.

At present, we are providing inspection services as below:

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