VICC – One-stop Quality Control Services

New Challenge Under Manufacturing Globalization & Manufacturing based on Network:

Increasing complexity of manufacturing processes and supply chains, associated with faster product launches and increasing technological content, demand reliable control and testing to prevent potential quality crisis. Our aim is to be one of the best China inspection services companies.

 Quality Control Services:

Quality control services to secure the products and constructions:

– PSI – Pre-Shipment Inspection;
– CLI – Container Loading Supervision;
– PPI – Pre-Production Inspection;
– DPI – During Production Inspection;
– TPI – Third Party Technical Inspection/Supervision of Production/Qualified Welding Inspector/NDT inspector;
– Supplier Audit / Factory Audit;
– Supplier Quality Management Audit / Manufactuer’s Quality Control Process Audit;
– Lab Test;
– Other supports.

Flexible and on-demand solutions to secure production lines and logistic flows: 

– Sorting & Containment/ Rework & Repair;
– Quality firewalls/Temporary Quality Gate (Controlled Ship Level – 1/ Level – 2);
– Assembly & Kitting;
– Engineering Support;
– Recall & retrofit campaigns/ Products Recall:
– Logistics support.

Sourcing Potential Supplier & Supplier Management.
– help the buyers to sourcing potential suppliers and management their suppliers on behalf of the customer.

Our Services

  • Inspection

    PPI – Pre Production Inspection,
    DPI – During Production Inspection.
    PSI – Pre Shipment Inspection.
    CS – Loading Supervision.
    TPI – Third Party Supervision of Production.
    TIS – Technical Inspection Service & FAT.


    Supplier Audit/ Factory Audit.
    Supplier QMS System Audit.
    Product Audit / Process Audit.
    Sourcing Supplier.
    Supplier Management.


    Chemical Analysis.
    Physical & Mechanical Test.
    Material Test.
    Sample Test.
    Non-Destructive Test.

  • Sorting & Rework

    Sorting – 100% inspection to sort out all known defects.
    Rework & Repair – to repair the NOK parts.
    Recall & Logistics support.

  • Sourcing supplier & Supplier Management

    Thanks to Veritell had carried out many inspections and audits in the past years, Veritell know about the vendors and factories.
    Therefore, we could help the buyers to sourcing potential suppliers and management their suppliers on behalf of the customer.