Frequent Questions & Answers

Is my factory following international and local rules and regulations? (Social Audit)
Has production started correctly? (Pre-Production Inspection or called First Article inspection)
Is my order produced according to my specifications ? (During Production Inspection)
Is the container well loaded? (Container Loading Inspection)
How to make sure there are no defects ? (Defect Sorting Service)
How to make sure the factory has put in place the right quality checks ? (Production Monitoring)

No need to register on line, neither New Customer (first time using our services) nor Regular Customer.
1. E-mail us to booking QC services;
2. Pay full prior at inspection for New Customer;
3. Veritell Operations team will contact the supplier/facotry to confirm the inspection, and coordinate and assign person to do the job.
4. Send Report to the customer in 24 hours after the inspection.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time. carry out inspection as the planning; Receive QC report.

Veritell uses the ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2008 as its sampling standard and acceptable level of quality. This method is widely used to decide whether to accept a production lot without checking every single item. This standard now has equivalents in all national and international standardization organizations such as BS6001, ABC105, ANSI/ASQ Z1.4, NFX 06-022, ISO 2859 and DIN 40080.

Of course, we also could carrys out inspection/audit according to the customer’s requirements or special standards.

Our reports are very detailed, illustrated with pictures and cover the following:
Product appearance (AQL), workmanship quality Product specifications review: quantity, material, color, size, measurements, labeling & marking, packaging, packing, accessories, shipping marks and related documents and certifications, etc.
On site testing and special checks. Important remarks and professional feedback.

In a word, we will tell everything what you want to know for your products or vendors.

For inspections in mainland of China, reports are sent within 24 hours after completing the inspection.
If clients need rush service, Veritell can send report to the clients same day for a $30 surcharge.

Veritell inspect the shipment according to AQL international standards and also according to your instructions, specifications and criteria. Then, our results are given to you through a fully detailed and illustrated report, which should allow you to decide whether to allow the shipment of your products.
You can accept or reject your shipment directly online.

Product Inspections and Factory Audits start at $198 all inclusive. Product inspections are usually performed within 1 man-day. The number of man-days needed depends on the total ordered quantity, which gives us the sampling size to inspect, the complexity of your product and the number of references to inspect.
FYI, while booking your product inspection online, you will get a quotation before confirming your order. Read More about our pricing.

You will receive the Invoice at the end of the month with all the inspections we performed on your behalf. This invoice is payable upon receipt by TT, Western Union and PayPal.
We invoice in USD but you can pay us in any major currency.

We offer special packages for our VIP clients who book regular inspections and have been working with us for an extended period of time.
Read more about our pricing.

It is extremely rare that non-conforming goods make it out of the factory if Veritell is hired. In the vast majority of cases, the root cause turns out to be damage during shipping or shipments were approved after a failed inspection and the buyer trusts the factory (who was likely supposed to rework the goods) enough to ship without having performed a re-inspection or a defect sorting service. Therefore, we highly recommend you to book re-inspection or defect sorting service after a failed inspection and to work with your shipping partners to insure the product against damage in transit. Veritell guarantees that we will inspect the product to the standard and methods approved by the client (including chosen sampling size).
In the event that our inspectors do not follow the agreed standards, Veritell will make a refund of up to 3 times the price of the inspection.

Please contact us with any further questions.

Payment terms:
1. – Min.3 workdays before inspection/audit for First time apply our services. For sorting/rework services, the client should make payment within ONE month after Veritell
issued Invoice.
2. – Full pay before the service starting
3. – Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Western Union and Paypal: All the local and overseas T/T charges to be borne by clients.
4. – For prospective clients with min.8 inspections per month, the agreement for monthly statement could be signed.

VICC-General Terms & Conditions