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Welcome to VICC

VICC is a China leading third party inspection services provider that partners with  importers(buyers) and manufacturers(suppliers) around the world to secure, manage and optimize their global supply chain. Beijing Veritell is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VICC.

As a partner in quality control services, the company providing quality solutions for customers when and where they are sources or provides products in China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam etc. We help the customers to avoid fraud, identify root cause of quality problems, minimize defects, improve quality, increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with quality issues.

Founded in 2007, headquartered Beijing,China, the company with over 30 branches which could cover most cities of China, Asia & Europe, we could send our quality team to when and where they are needed with the flexibility and response quickly.

VICC offers a complete range of one-stop Third party inspection, Supplier Audit, Lab testing,Certification and Quality Consulting services.Besides, VICC also could support you to solves the quality issues at your client’s site and ensure the quality of your goods and the reliability of your supplier. VICC now is focus on providing quality solutions in the Automobile, Electronics,Medical device, Aerospace,Train,Ship, and other manufacturing industries.

We aim to be China best third party inspection company.

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