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Sorting & Containment defective parts.
Rework & Repair NOK parts.
Recall & Logistics support.


PPI – Pre Production Inspection,
DPI – During Production Inspection.
PSI – Pre Shipment Inspection.
CS – Loading Supervision.


Supplier Audit/ Factory Audit.
Supplier QMS System Audit.
Product Audit / Process Audit.
Sourcing Supplier.
Supplier Management.


Chemical Analysis.
Physical & Mechanical Test.
Material Test.
Sample Test.
Non-Destructive Test.

About Us

Beijing Veritell is a China leading quality control service provider that partners with  importers(OEMs) and manufacturers(suppliers) around the world to secure, manage and optimize their global supply chain.

As a partner in quality, the company providing quality solutions for customers when and where they need quality support in China, India, Malaysia & Vietnam,etc.

Founded in 2007, headquartered Beijing,China, the company with over 30 branches which could cover most cities of China and Southeast of Asia, we could send our quality team to when and where they are needed with the flexibility and response quickly.

Beijing Veritell offers a complete range of one-stop sorting, rework, products inspection, supplier audit, consulting & lab testing services.Besides, Veritell also could support you to solves the quality issues at your client’s site and ensure the quality of your goods and the reliability of your supplier. Veritell now isfocus on providing quality solutions in the Automobile, Electronics,Medical device, Aerospace, and other manufacturing industry.

  • Quicker Response

    Quick Response as client’s required, Arrive to the site within ONE hour.
    Report within 24 hours after the inspection has been completed.

  • Wider Coverage

    With 30 branch offices covers most of cities in China & Southeast of Asia.
    Our staffs could travel to anywhere of China as client’s Required.

  • Competitive Price

    Sorting & Rework, only start at $9.8 Hourly.
    Inspection & Audit, only $198 per Man-day,all inclusive for covers area.

  • Skilled Inspectors

    With more than 500 Skilled & Experienced Quality Engineers & Inspectors.

Key points and customers satisfactions

Some of our key points extracted from our permanent satisfaction survey :

  • Quick response service and flexibility
  • Self management and autonomy
  • Professionalism and quality of monitoring
  • Real-time communication, tracking information
  • Involvement and consideration of the result
  • Know-how and culture stemming from manufacturering industry
  • Long-term approach
  • 10 years experience in quality control services



Our mission is to support the customer to solve their quality issues in critical phases in their supply chain through a nationwide network of dedicated engineers & inspectors.

We are trying to become the best provider of professional quality solutions in China.


Customer dedication – We are dedicated to our customers’ success by providing responsive quality services with a passion for solving their quality problems.

Serving the leading manufacturers – We aspire to serve the leading manufacturing companies in the most critical supply chain problems in each local market.

Nationwide competence –  We are committed to building a nationwide competence network with the leading problem solving expertise required to fulfill the mission..

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Is my factory following international and local rules and regulations? (Social Audit)

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