Sourcing supplier & Supplier Management

Thanks to Veritell had carried out many inspections and audits in the past years, Veritell know about the vendors and factories.

Therefore, we could help the buyers to sourcing potential suppliers and management their suppliers on behalf of the customer.

Besides, Veritell can inspect incoming products from suppliers and monitor their quality. Veritell’s inspection team also provide visual charts (Trend Charts, I-MR, Pareto charts, etc) on sub-supplier quality and inventory performance to make sure that the supplier metrics meet or exceed customer criteria. Data can be exported to excel spreadsheets for further analysis. This helps our customers to increase their first time capability .

Veritell can help its customer and their suppliers with Troubleshooting, Root cause analysis, Corrective action validation, 8D reporting and progress monitoring. We have also successfully assisted suppliers in their efforts to improve the quality in their plant and the quality being shipped in from their suppliers. We can help suppliers by focusing our and their team on the areas that need the most improvement.