During Production Inspection

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DPI inspections are used to check the product early on in production and make sure that they conform to the client’s standards. As production is continued these defects can be addressed so that the defect rate for the rest of production is lowered.

Inspecting the goods after production is finished is often too late. In some cases, a whole order is found unsellable just before shipment; the factory is unable to repair it; re-ordering materials and re-producing would take 2 months; and the supplier refuses to do it for free. This causes anxious moments for all involved. This is where DPI Inspections comes in ( During production Inspection) The objective is to catch quality issues before it is too late: Typically 10-15% are already manufactured can (hopefully) be re-worked without inducing a delay; The same issues can be avoided on the rest of production. If quality problems are found at this stage, buyers are advised to force the supplier to work on a comprehensive corrective action plan. It is a way to document an issue to make sure it is repaired appropriately… and also avoided for repeat orders.

Also we are able to check the production schedule and confirm that the products will be ready according to your shipment schedule. Don’t let your shipment be delayed due to reworking or bad shipments.

At present, we are providing inspection services as below:

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