How to book an Inspection?


Inquiry & Application Service

Get quotation of inspection or quality services,

sign application form of Inspection.


Schedule Inspection

Provide quality & technical documents and specifications to VICC.

Schedule inspection as expected.


Perform Inspection

VICC perform inspection as customer’s requirements.

Feedback the actual status to customer in time.


Issue Report

Send the detail report to customer within 24 hours after inspection done.

Make payment in 15 days as received invoice.

Anywhere in China!
Quick response, issue the inspection report within 24 hours!
E-mail us to start quality;

Payment terms:
1. – Min.3 workdays before inspection/audit for First time apply our services.  For sorting/rework services, the client should make payment within ONE month after mission completed and Veritell issued Invoice.
2. – Full pay before the service starting
3. – Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Western Union and Paypal: All the local and overseas T/T charges to be borne by clients.
4. – For prospective clients with min.8 inspections per month, the agreement for monthly statement could be signed.