Flexible and on-demand solutions to secure production lines and logistic flows:

New Challenge of Automotive Suppliers

Zero-defect demands from customers and just-in-time supply chains create need for containment of quality issues to secure production.

During orders increase , management of large volumes of quality incidents, while at the same time increasing production rate, causes bottlenecks in Quality Assurance

Veritell Solutions

Veritell has been providing sorting & rework services to the Automotive industry since 2007. Today, Veritell is a trusted name for quality services, with over 200 trained employees working in China. Thanks to that Veritell could carry out Sorting/Rework and Inspection services in most cities/areas of China.

Veritell is a dedicated supplier working relentlessly in pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction by working towards providing our customers with a good quality product with low cost and on time delivery. We provide Sorting, Inspection,, Rework/Repair, Recall & Retrofit campaigns, Logistics Support services to Automotive and other Manufacturing companies. We partner with customers for quality solutions. We support OEM’s as well as the Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

Our staff of experienced inspectors at Veritell, service our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We can provide sorting and inspection services on all three shifts at your location, our warehouse, or travel to a customer site.

  1. Visual Inspections (Appearance conformity, Cosmetic defects, etc)
  2. Go, No-Go Gauging Inspections (Push, Ring gauges etc)
  3. Electrical Testing Inspections (Circuits, Wiring, Voltage checks)
  4. Dimensional Inspections (Caliper, Tape Measurement)
  5. Location Inspections (Using Jigs and Fixtures)
  6. Functional Testing Per Customer Specifications

Veritell Promise

– Highly trained personnel
– Dedicated inspectors
– 100% final inspection
– Greater efficiencies in process
– Daily work report