Car Recall Products Recall

Veritell played a significant role in the development of Car / Product recall best practices and risk assessment techniques.

We will be glad to offer a customized solution to each one our customers project needs. Veritell will ensure that each of the recall solutions would be prompt, convenient and cost-effective for our customers.

By applying our knowledge, experience, and best practices to your business, you will be able to clearly navigate through the recall process helping to ensure that you efficiently and effectively protect your revenue, brand, and customer loyalty. A product recall does not have to become a crisis if managed promptly and effectively. When a product recall or corrective action is correctly managed, brand reputation and customer loyalty will not be affected long term.

Our Car Recall/ Product Recall and Corrective Action Management Services include:
– Product testing to identify safety issues
– Risk assessment services
– Script writing for press releases, call centers, internal & external communications
– Product disposal
– Project management services including reporting and cost analysis
– Experience analysis to more effectively plan for potential future product recalls
– After sales support services in anywhere of China,help you to collect sample or defect.

Veritell Promise

– Highly trained personnel
– Dedicated inspectors
– 100% final inspection
– Greater efficiencies in process
– Daily work report