To secure production and decrease the loss of NOK parts

Veritell provides rework of non-conforming products to meet customer quality requirements. Veritell offers a wide variety of rework solutions to address a wide range of manufacturing defects and packaging errors. Some of the products that Veritell handles for Rework services are:

– Wire Harnesses
– Leather and Trim
– Weld Assemblies
– Castings
– Sheet Metal
– Stampings
– Rubber and Moldings
– Interiors (Plastic, Headliners, etc)
– Engine and Transmissions
– Axles, Gears, etc

Our staff of experienced inspectors at Veritell, service our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We can provide Rework and Repair services on all three shifts at your location, our warehouse, or travel to a customer site.

  1. Remove rust and rust-proof treatment (Metal parts with rusty)
  2. Sheet Metall Parts Repairing (Handing mark, Bent, Dent, Distortion etc)
  3. Painting & Surface finish Rework
  4. Rework Threads or holes, Clear Burrs
  5. Replacement NOK parts for components
  6. Software update
  7. Others according to the client’s requirements.

Veritell Promise

– Highly trained personnel
– Dedicated inspectors
– 100% final inspection
– Greater efficiencies in process
– Daily work report