Light Assembly & Sub-assembly

Veritell offers light assembly services at customer locations or at our warehouses. Our staff is experienced in the use of most mechanical, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic tools and fixtures. They are skilled professionals, cross-trained in multiple manual assembly processes.

We will be glad to offer a customized solution to each one our customers project needs. Veritell will ensure that each of the light assembly solutions would be prompt, convenient and cost-effective for our customers.

Kitting & Repackaging

Most of our customers are experts in high volume production and batch manufacturing. They might not have time and resources to sort, mix and match products into ready-made kits. We help our customers to kit their products in orders to make it easier and cost-effective for them.Our staff is skilled in the kitting products according to customer specified instruction. Kits can range from micro products, to large sized boxes, cartons, or even pallets of product in kits to be shipped. Our conveniently located warehouses can store your assembled kits and ship them at your schedule, so that you never miss a shipment deadline.

Veritell Promise

– Highly trained personnel
– Dedicated inspectors
– 100% final inspection
– Greater efficiencies in process
– Daily work report