Veritell is a ISO-Certified company

Veritell has been ISO 9001:2008 certified which shows that our procedures and management conform to international standards and requirements.…

Material Analysis on-site.

Pipe Inspection.

1.check quantity

2.check appearance

3.check packaging & marking on pipe

4. check dimension

5. check material grade on-site (chemical analysis by portable spectrometer)

6.witness lab tests documents

8.other special requirements

Veritell Derusting Equipment & Special method

The major equipment, process flow, main parameters, overall design scheme and program design of the production line for sand blast both inside and outside the pipe surface are introduced.

A famous Motor corp approved Veritell as their sorting supplier

A famous Motor corp from Europe approved Veritell as one of their suppliers of sorting & rework services in China

Set up a permanent team at Zhengzhou city

Veritell set up a permanent sorting team at Zhengzhou city to provide sorting & rework services for automotive suppliers and OEMs