What Inspection Activities will be conducted during VICC truck inspection?

China Vehicle Inspection/China truck inspection

VICC truck Inspection services cover various kind of van trucks, such as dump trucks, tow trucks, off-road trucks,etc. The checklist included: diesel engines, gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and pure electric van trucks.

Vehicles designed for special needs (such as airport shuttles, fire engines and ambulances, tankers, container tractors, etc.) The truck consists of four systems: the engine system, the chassis system, the body and the electrical system. The truck is mainly operated by the engine and the chassis, wherein the chassis includes a power train, a driving system, a steering system and a brake system.

China truck Inspection/ China truck inspection services

When we start vehicle, the engine will generate power and transmit power to gearbox. The power will convert high-speed and small-torque power into low-speed and large-torque power through the gears in gearbox, and then pass through the drive shaft to drive rear axle. Driving the rear axle to drive the rear wheel to rotate, so the vehicle is moving.

Product classification of truck Inspection

Dump Truck

Cargo Truck

Container Truck

Flatbed Truck

Tank Truck

Closed Truck

What Inspection Activities will be conducted during China truck Inspection

  • Nameplate inspection
  • Speedometer inspection
  • Fuel system inspection
  • Engine inspection
  • Tire inspection
  • Car inspection
  • Lighting system inspection
  • Reflective marking inspection
  • Steering and positioning inspection
  • Braking system inspection
  • Power generation system inspection
  • Paint inspection
  • Instrument inspection
  • Overall dimensions inspection

Why do you need truck inspection when import truck from China?

Do you know the truck’s condition before shipment?

Do you if the truck is original new brand or refurbished one?

VICC with rich experience of inspection for various kind of trucks.

Our profesional truck inspection engineers will inspection the truck as our truck inspection checklist, to check truck’s body, engine group, transmission, drive line, suspension,steering system, braking system, electric appliance, lighting, tires, etc. as per technical book.

We will issue complete report with detail photos, to help you know the truck conditions before shipment.

Please contact us VICC business department if you need any truck inspection.