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Amazon Quality Control

Quality is value of the goods, VICC be your quality experts in China & Asia counties to help you control the goods quality in your supplier and factory.

At VICC, we’ve teamed up with some of the best inspectors all over China and Asia to offer you. Here’s how it works:

Choose the inspection you’d like us to perform

Give us information on your product and factory, VICC will do rest to you

We’ll arrange an skilled inspector to visit your factory

We’ll deliver a HIGHLY detailed quality control report to you, BEFORE you send your make final payment to the factory

Medical equipment inspection services in all over China

Provide 3rd party inspection services for medical equipments.

N95 mask machine inspection, 3ply mask machine inspection, children mask machine inspection

Ventilator inspection,

Medical mask inspection, N95 mask inspection

Isolation gown inspection,

Mask machine inspection

Mask raw materials inspection, meltblown inspection, spunbond fabric inspection, earband inspection, nose clip inspection.

Mask machine spare parts inspection, ultrasonic welding machine inspection

Mask raw materials inspection